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The Westhill Bike Club was established in 2015 with a focus of getting like-minded people into cycling with a group. We don't organise any racing events, although our members are free to participate in competitive events if they choose. Our goal is to get people who are riding on their own or not riding much, to join and achieve some personal challenges.


We are a friendly, social cycling club for the Westhill and surrounding area, predominantly focussed on recreational cycling. Members range from beginners to regular sportive riders.

We arrange midweek, daytime and weekend rides departing from a set location, e.g. Westhill Community Church

Summer evenings usually start at 6:30pm on a Tuesday with 60-90 minutes road riding

Saturday or Sunday usually 09:00 start, 2-3hr rides, occasionally longer – with short cuts if needed

No one gets left behind, no one shows off and everyone has a great ride together

General rules of the road and common sense cycling apply, with regards to safety, etc

On longer rides we usually plan a café stop – we like cake

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