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Covid 19 Rules April 2021

The test below details the current club rules re Covid-19 and applies to all club rides

Current Rules

John Hunter – Club Covid-19 Officer

Scottish Cycling have approved a return to club activities in line with Scottish Government Guidelines. The current guidelines are as follows:



Before, during and after an activity and at any stop during (rest, café, shop etc) riders should physically distance at 2m.

We are permitted to ride in groups of 9, but it is felt that with the 2m distancing requirement that this is too many for the local roads we have.

Thus, all groups will be a maximum of 5.

Should there be more than 5 keen to do a ride, then 2 or more groups will be made up, these groups should not meet at any point.

Generally, groups will ride in single file, 2m apart, but you may overtake the person at front as per normal safe cycling. Doing so quickly and giving as much distance as is safe. You may also drop off the front and filter to the back in the same way.

E.g. Group A may set off 5 mins before group B. B would slow down or stop if they felt they may catch A.  If A are stopped in a layby, group B must go past and not stop.

Perception is powerful, we cannot open ourselves up to criticism for not following the rules. So please be mindful of the above, what images are shared and overall conduct. The public do not have the same freedom to gather in groups that we do as an organised club.

Simply, always stay 2m unless unsafe to do so.

Club Run Rules

  • An organised club ride is one posted on the Facebook or Web page with a planned route and duration.

Ride Leader

  • A nominated ride leader is required, before organising a ride the leader should discuss with John Hunter the ride and ensure understanding with Scottish Cycling guidance and the club’s rules below. Only then can a ride be advertised.

  • The Ride Leader is responsible for the ride being compliant with Government, SC and WBC rules BUT not the conduct of the group members.


These rules should be added to all advertised club rides :-

  • All riders to remain 2m distant at all times

  • This Ride Leader is responsible for collecting the names of all participants and a self-declaration of health to attend from all. This needs to be send to John Hunter –after the ride. A voice recording on a mobile phone of each person stating and confirming health is a good non-contact method, this can be emailed.

  • Anyone with any symptoms must not attend and also if any household member has symptoms

  • Anyone who has travelled and is required to quarantine should not attend

  • All attendees must be paid up full club members, no guests (new membership is open to anyone) If you are not sure you are a paid member, please check with Carole Paterson or Neil Cameron.

  • All attendees must be confident to ride in a group for the duration of the ride advertised

  • All attendees must take a suitable face covering on a ride (in case support is needed to another rider)

  • Do no share food or water bottles

  • Do not touch each-others bikes or equipment

  • Hand Sanitiser is recommended

  • If anyone tests positive or develops symptoms following a ride, we may choose to suspend club activities

  • Anyone who suspects they have Covid-19 should follow government guidelines, then when asked inform Trace and Protect that they attended the ride. Trace and Protect will contact WBC directly, asking for the names of all who were on a ride. No names of people testing positive are ever passed to SBC

A Risk Assessment is shown overleaf to cover all WBC club rides, this must be understood by all ride leaders. A separate RA will be created for coached/beginner rides.

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